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The songs on Heartbeat Serenade cover the spectrum of human emotions: love, happiness, our hopes and dreams, heartbreak, and always, the sheer delight of being alive. The arrangements are simple, eschewing complexity for the modest. The result is a stellar album. Heartbeat Serenade is one of those special albums that doesn't appear often enough. - Christopher Zoukis, Huffington Post 

This act's folk-ish leanings just warm the heart. It's the kind of music many long to hear...You can laugh about the Summer of Love's excesses, but we could sure use that kind of a love revival right now. Let this album be its soundtrack, in fact. - AntiMusic.com 

Malasig (vocal, piano and glockenspiel) and McKenzie (vocal, guitar and banjo) created exceptional Folk-Americana music to charm, delight and amuse music aficionados! You simply can’t help but to be drawn into their melodies - RazMatazMagazine

McKenzie and Malasig have used the classic techniques of blending blues, country and subtle folk just as the 60's masters did in order to create light and pretty but emotionally impactful sounds. - Layla Marino, San Diegeo Free Press 

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We're feeling so good about Heartbeat Serenade, the songs came out as good as we could have hoped and the CD cover looks fantastic. Hope everyone can get one of the available versions, either download or CD, and listen all the way through at least once, it's the way we meant it to be heard. We hope you enjoy!

Happy New Year! 

To paraphrase John Lennon, "please don't shake us, no don't wake us, leave us where we are, We're only sleeping"...Ahhhh, we're still kickin' it after the holidays. We're wishing everyone a happy and fulfilling 2015. Our new album is coming out on 2/11 so we'll be getting busy soon, but for now, ahhhh...


So Little Time 

We played a nice set for Bread and Roses a couple of weeks ago, it's always a great time and a great cause! We're deep into getting everything ready for our new album release. It's all mastered and ready to go but we aren't - yet. We're playing in LA this week at the YouBloom@LA Festival which we're really looking forward to it...so many things to do, so little time.

New Music! 

Hope all is well! Just wanted to let you know that our brand new music is almost mixed. There's just a little bit more to finish and we're very happy with the way its coming out. We may not "officially" release it for a little while yet, but we plan to post a preview or two here on our site this week. Check back sometime soon.

Cool Magic 

Well. it's been a while. We've been pretty busy lately playing gigs, getting our new songs recorded, and generally having a good creative and productive time. We played two folk festivals in June that were great experiences and lots of fun. We've been playing regularly around the SF Bay Area as much as possible too. We also spent some time in the studio putting the finishing touches on our new songs. We're so happy with the way they're sounding and are ready mix them in August. We can't wait for them to be heard, we think there's some cool magic in them for sure.
Love and Peace, We'll update soon.

Wild and Ragged 

A great audience last night for our wild and ragged Bread and Roses gig. They were so enthusiastic and full of fun, even playing percussion with us (thanks Willie!). We added in a couple of new songs we'd never played in public before and happily, they were well received too. It's funny how playing a brand new song can be so nerve racking though, it's a little like leaving your kid on the first day of kindergarten, you're pretty confident they'll make friends and be fine, but you worry anyway...Um, getting back to the subject, we enjoyed working with Marion and Nancy from Bread and Roses, who did the sound for us, a little part of the world is a happier place today because of your giving spirits. As always, it was way more fun than we even expected, and we always expect it to be fun. We truly get more out of it than we put in every time, Thanks!

One Way Or Another... 

Our new songs are glowing just over the horizon. It's like waiting for the warm sun to rise after a chill night. Or, like anticipating the big drop on a roller coaster ride. Like a child's anticipation on Christmas morning...well, you get the idea. We can't wait to get it all these new songs on a silicon chip and then to your ears. It's high time for sure, and a long meandering road to getting there. Happiness is the feeling though and we continue to make progress every day, one way or another...

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round... 

Lots of gigs coming up, studio waiting for our new songs. This year is shaping up to be pretty busy. As Hendrix said "keep on pushing straight ahead." No other way to be! So jazzed about our new songs, we can't wait for them to be heard by everyone. 
Love and peace all, we'll talk soon.

Spinning Our Wheels 

Sometimes it feels like we're spinning our wheels. Time keeps moving and life gets complicated at times. Then, the creativity flows, thoughts of new songs come into focus and grow like some kind of crazy children right before our eyes. Pretty cool how it all happens...So, we've been taking our time, writing, playing, singing, playing, writing, on and on...we are really this close to recording these new songs and feeling so good about the way they're coming out. We've got some new shows lined up to play them at, and a studio chosen to record them at, and an old Subaru to get us there and back...spin on, spin on...