Happy New Year!

Thanks for making 2015 a great year for us! We're looking forward to 2016 as we work on new songs for our third full length release. We have lots of performances coming up and maybe some other surprises as well. Best wishes from us to you and may this new year be your best ever!

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We're so excited that our Holiday EP is getting airplay around the U.S. as well as parts of Europe, we're hearing from stations all over the place! We hope you check out some of the reviews it's receiving on the web too if you have the chance.
We really wanted to capture the spirit of the holiday season in some different moods because so many emotions are wrapped up in this time of year, from child-like wonder, to all out sadness (we didn't go there) but, you know what we mean...Hope you feel some holiday…Read more

Holiday Tunes 

Hi, Great news, we have a holiday EP coming out in about two weeks, it's called "Holiday EP". That's right, "Holiday EP", without the quotes...In any case, we're pretty excited. It contains two songs we recorded during our Heartbeat Serenade sessions and we really felt the Christmas spirit while we were working on them. So we hope you'll get in the spirit too and give them a listen and maybe download them too. We'll update you soon.


Wow, we didn't realize it had been so long since our last post, but since then we've had some great things going on and wanted to share them. Our songs are getting airplay on radio stations around the United States and Europe.  We're really excited by the response they've been receiving. We've also begun work on our third release and have begun recording our new songs. We like the direction they're taking and the way they sound and are looking forward to everyone hearing them in the near future. So, we…

Airplay Is Coming Soon! 

We're excited! We've been working on getting airplay for a while now, and it's coming along pretty well. Our songs are just starting to be heard at this point, so we will update you soon with more info. 

Beautiful Things 

Been spending the past month playing gigs and writing. We're going into the studio pretty soon to lay down a few new ideas. We think they're pretty interesting and hope they come out like we imagine them in our heads. Most importantly, motherhood is one of the most beautiful things humanity has to offer so we wish everyone a happy Mothers Day this weekend! Hugs, kisses, flowers, and memories!